What kind of event do you want?

Open house days and Family days

We organize action programmes for Open house days, Family days and Kids days within larger events, which attract hundreds or thousands of visitors. We can handle high volume of visitors and they will get an unforgettable experience. We will awaken the imagination of your employees or the public with a creative workshop for building small cardboard cars related to your brand – which they can keep.


Teambuilding & Teamspirit, creativity, action, teamwork a competition

We motivate and guide fellow competitors to be creative and make their own racing cars. Team cooperation, energy and action is  what we guarantee. You compete with cars and you fulfill tasks eg. Crash test, Pitstop, obstacle track to test all your skills. We evaluate creativity of racing cars, negotiation and strategy, team cooperation and originality. Everything peaks in team relay race and honoring the best team and racers.


VIP forklifts and trucks tuned up in client's brand

For your top clients we prepare playful surprise in your brand and business field – they will remember in positive way for long time. Moderated challenges with remote controlled forklifts and trucks with your logos on it will be always occupied. It is perfect icebreaker and fun tuned up in your colours for your best business partners. Suitable for conferences and corporate parties where is also minimum of space. Your brand will be very positively connected to nontraditional experience and fun memory.


Competition in beer transportation with little forklifts

Unseen cheer up action for corporate party or conference in beer transportation. Anybody can join. Surprisingly easy controll and fun. Will you challenge your colleagues? Can you handle beer delivery from A to B point? Can you handle slalom? Reversing challenge? Container in your brand transportation? Will be happy to create entertainment by wsh for you.



Little cars at wedding! Surprise your life partner and closest friends.

Surprise for wedding guests, when groom forgets cutting wedding cake and kids are well entertained for hours. For car enthusiasts we can build little car by wish. Guests can leave messages on it for nice memory. Fun drinks delivery by little car will create smile not only on musicians face but also at kids and adults.

Corporate events and Teambuilding

We organize entertainment programmes at private events for employees with families and also for business partners and clients. We specialize in providing a unique main program, which will let everybody switch off and loosen up with action remote controlled cars on a mobile track and act like kids again.

Do you plan Open house days, Days for employees, Sport days or Kids days? We tailor the programme to your products. 
With our creative workshop, building cardboard bodies we easily entertain kids, managers and bosses. We can offer a customized peek-thru photoboard in our programme to enhance the experience even more.

Kids days with taste of adrenalin and fast wheels

Safe mass starts and collisions are best source for smile. Team relay races for medals and diplomas between parents and kids are perfect excuse to spend time together. Reccomended for kids, dads, mums, grandmothers and grandfathers.


Programme for festivals and large public events

We provide an experience that gives you a reason to exercise your body and have fun at same time and also excuse to get out of the house and away from the tv! We were very happy to be part of the festival Pojď dál of band The Tap Tap, Baškohrátky, Holešovská regata, Family Fest Zlín and Brněnský trosečník.

Thematicaly tuned up programme

for Logistics companies
and truck manufacturers

We build thematically tuned models of your fleet and in your brand. You will try competitions in reversing and cargo transportation. Thematic photobooth can enrich Corporate event or Open house day. Kids and adults together will get adrenalin experience from prize races. Best drivers will get driving licences, diplomas and medals. We have organized succesfull event programme for FedEx and TNT, DHL, Nedcargo NLcompany Vapas, nebo company DeutschMann Internationale Spedition, s.r.o. There is even forklift transportation cargo or beer challenge.

Programme for Motorsport events

We know how to entertain hundreds of kids and adults at large motorsport events. We have entertained public and motorsport fans at Truck Prix Most, Formule 1 Redbull Ring, Racing ExpoBarum Rally with radio Rock Max, Agrotec Rally, Masaryk Racing Days nebo 24h Epilog at Masaryk Brno Circuit.

If you have a racing team or racing car, or anything you can imagine – we can recreate your concept into highly functional and interactive durable model.

for Public Transport companies
and bus manufacturers

The models of your buses will not be forgotten for a long time. On the track with obstacles will race buses and fast assistance cars. You can try your skills in reversing contest. Children can ride their heros-soft toys. A thematic photobooth will enhance your Corporate day or Open Door event experience. Children and adults will enjoy the adrenaline experience and prize races. Best drivers will get instant driving licenses with photographs, diplomas and medals. We have had successful events for the Prague Transport Company or the Brno Transport Company. A six-wheeled bus or an eight-wheeled joint bus can greatly enrich your entire event.

Action Pirat boats - remote controlled - thematic programme

Complete thematic programme and perfect creative entertainment for your corporate and family days. We can entertain you and your kids. Part of programme can be Inflatable bouncy castle, facepainting or temporary pirate tattoo.

Creative challenge is waiting for you. You build simple pirate boats, you will drive them and race with them. Our team offcourse in pirate costumes. You will get unforgetable memory of time spent together with your kids.

Indian and Western theme remote controlled + creative workshop

We will entertain your employees and their children in a topic that is close to everyone. The package includes the main and most popular attraction – a mobile bison! and western stagecoach, a remote controlled teepee and other Indian-decorated cars. You can also order a western bouncy castle, face painting or a temporary Indian tattoo.

You can have a creative challenge to build mobile teepee, headband workshop with an Indian grandmother. There will be a great organizing team in costumes. The main apache plays drum and sheriff moderator is included.

for Technological companies - IT Challenge

IT Challenge is special disciplin focused for technical gurus and comper experts. You drive 4×4 models via obstacles created from recycled computer hardware, notebooks, keyboards, printers, screens or motherboards. We arranged programme at Programming competition at ARTIN Hackaton / Roboauto 2018 or Job Fair Czechitas 2018 in Impact Hub Brno.

Traktors - for agricultural events and exhibitions

Durable remote controlled tractor models enrich events as: tractor competition, agricultural event, exhibitions, Open door day, kids days, wineyard or beer celebrations but also city events for public. Your visitors will get unforgetable experience of driving tractors on obstacle track. Challenge in reversing into garage will test your driving skills.


Birthday parties and kids camps. Private, noncomercial, charity and school events.

Privat family event better than only with cake with candles? What about private race between kids and parents at your cottage or garden? You deffinitely pick up everybody from bench. We reccomend New programme: Action pirate boats!

We manage noncomercial events individually and we like to support interesting and useful project.

Do you need remarkable and action marketing?

We build customized models

We build customized bodies and models by wishes. Very suitable also for marketing purposes also with in your brand with logos for nontraditional presentation of your company.


Our story – how everything started



Our strongest moments


The story of little blue bus ...

How one of strongest little cars story was born?

After Open house day at company Iveco Bus in may 2017, I got call from employee z body shop department. His son spent couple of hours with us and our programme, and he enjoyed it so much, that inspired immediately after coming back home he built his own little bus for his RC car chassis. He managed to connect bodywork and chassis by his own way and all necessary. Father of son asked if is possible to get one original blue bodywork, that he would be happy. I said I will ask director …

This is way how schooling should look like! Hydrogen powered model car for study.

We want to explore by our own eyes how could work school system outside Czech republic and bring new experience and informations home. We discovered, that our school system is so so ineffective and from last century. Great inspiration was for example Deltion College in Holland.

Other projects

Good deed day at Zelňák and future mascot - dog car

We were asked if we can contribute by our little cars to one nice happening for end day of season 2018 Dobrokava.cz.
So we agreed 😉

We supported inspiring Student konference Glorious

Three years in row we supported student conference Glorious. They had nonordinary content full of inspirational speakers. Things like is just necessary to support to let them start and grow.

If you have "ride" with 4 wheels you think we would love ..

We love to create and build things we love. And we enjoy to drive them. If you have car you think we would love, try us. Maybe if you really have special car and you give us ride, we can build bodywork of your car for free and you can drive your model!